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      Clyde Bergemann Huatong Materials Handling Co., Ltd (CBH) is a new high-tech enterprise and sino-foreign joint venture co-founded by China Power Engineering Consulting Corporation and Clyde Bergemann Power Group on May 18, 1998. Clyde Bergemann Power Group (CBPG) is a global leader which focus on supplying solution、complete equipment and critical component for the customers who work on energy conversion and productive process. CBH as the only & professional component supplier for CBPG in China, as a designer and manufacturer of the world leading pneumatic conveying system, it designs and produces the pneumatic conveying system for powder and granular materials, wet scraper slag conveyor system, bag dust filter system, denitrification system and the supporting control system. Based on the main business of pneumatic conveying of fly ash and mechanical conveying of bottom slag for energy-saving and environment-friendly coal-fired power plants, CBH actively engages itself in other related businesses in steel, cement and coal chemical industries.

      Headquartered in Beijing, CBH enjoys the favorable talent environment and embraces excellent talents who are innovative and influential in the industry and master advanced technologies. The excellent team, being innovative, persistent and united, is dedicated to providing the best service to customers. CBH has established a perfect management system of sales, engineering technology, manufacturing and business operation, constructed a warehouse and modern assembly plant covering 10,000 square meters and set up a comprehensive test platform. Partnering with many companies in and around Beijing, CBH has created an honest, professional and excellent brand image in the industry and won the great reputation of advanced technology, high quality and good service.

      By 2019, CBH had contributed to the operation of over 1,000 units in China and earned more than 800 users worldwide, occupying 75% of domestic market shares in 600MW units and above and supplying more than 90 sets of 1000MW units. CBH’s products are widely applied to the United States, Brazil, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco and Botswana. In recent years, along with the policy of “One Belt and One Road” in China, CBH’s products are also applied to Southeast Asian market such as Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and have got widely praised by domestic and foreign users.

      Based on the excellent brand and the larger production capacity, CBH provides customers with not only the high-end products featuring advanced technologies but also the solutions of rich content. CBH can establish a well-experienced service team for customers in a short time to provide vigorous technical support. Boasting of the technical competence and professionalism, the team will spare no effort to satisfy customers' demands and provide quick after-sale services.

      Adhering to the idea of "We. Together. Committeed to Process Efficiency", CBH will committed to satisfying customers' demands based on new ideas, new designs and new energy-saving and environment-friendly processes. In addition to promoting the innovation of the whole materials conveying industry, CBH is also seeking for the diversified development in new areas.

      Address: 4/F,International Climate Building,No.55, Lincuixili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
      Tel.: (86)10-56313968
      Fax: (86)10-56313939
      Postal code: 100101


      Spare Parts:010-56313990

      After-sale :010-56313970

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