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      Pneumatic Conveying System


      Also known as the pneumatic conveying system, it is a specific application of fluidization that conveys granular materials in a closed pipeline along the direction of the air flow by using the energy of the airflow. Featuring a simple structure and easy operation, the pneumatic conveying system can convey materials in either horizontal, vertical or inclined direction. It can also enable physical operations of materials including heating, cooling, drying and air classification as well as some chemical operations.


      1. Materials operate in a closed pipeline, without raising dust or influencing the environment. 2. Low energy consumption and a small noise. 3. Flexible layout of pipelines, covering a small area. 4. Realizing long-distance conveying over 500 meters. CBH provides the design and solution of the whole set of system (dilute, medium or dense phase conveying).


      Address: 4/F,International Climate Building,No.55, Lincuixili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
      Tel.: (86)10-56313968
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      Postal code: 100101


      Spare Parts:010-56313990

      After-sale :010-56313970

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