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      Denitrification System


      Denitrification shall be applied to coal in order to prevent the production of too much NOx from the burning of coal in the boiler that pollutes the environment. Denitrification can be adopted before, during and after combustion. The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) sees rapid development in recent years, which is widely applied in Western Europe and Japan. At present, the Ammonia Catalytic Reduction is the most popular technology, as it does not produce any by-product or cause secondary pollution and shows advantages in simple structure, high removal efficiency (as high as above 90%), reliable operation and easy maintenance.

      The principle of SCR denitrification:

      Under the effect of a catalyst, ammonia is sprayed into the fume of a temperature between 280?420 ℃ to reduce NOX into N2 and H2O. CBH provides the comprehensive design and solution of SCR denitrification system.

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