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      CBH 2018 Annual Conference

      Editor: 2018-02-12

      On February 9, 2018, CBH held the 2018 Annual Conference in Beijing, and the leaders and all the staff attended the conference. Excellent employees and post experts of 2017 were commended in the Conference. At the same time, General Manager Li Xiaomin summarized the work of 2017, raised the strategic goal of CBH in the future and proposed requirements on arrangement for operation and production in 2018. Other leaders also arranged the work of departments under their supervision. In the Annual Conference, the Labor Union organized the employees' party, where many departments have performed excellent programs.

      In 2018, CBH will conform to the new circumstances, adapt to new development and meet new challenges, clarify the policies and objectives in accordance with the development strategy of the company, develop the market with new strategies, adapt to the market based on innovation, create a favorable environment for talents, provide customers with efficient and first-class services, high-end solutions and advanced high-quality products, transform the management system and improve employees' quality. All the staff will depend on each other, keep up with the times, overcome various difficulties and make a concerted effort to realize the strategic goal, rebuild the company vigour and attain new development of the company.

      Address: 4/F,International Climate Building,No.55, Lincuixili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
      Tel.: (86)10-56313968
      Fax: (86)10-56313939
      Postal code: 100101


      Spare Parts:010-56313990

      After-sale :010-56313970

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