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      CBH performed organizational restructuring

      Editor: 2017-09-20

      CBH has recently adjusted its internal organizational structure in order to adapt to market conditions, satisfy customers' demands, concentrate company technology and talent resources, give better play to the company's advantages in technology and service, provide elaborate design, precise manufacture and meticulous service and supply customers with high-quality, effective, energy-saving and environment-friendly products. Through adjustment to the internal structure, CBH has concentrated the company resources of technology, sales, manufacture and management talents, restructured the management system at all levels, rationalized the business process and established a complete sales, design, manufacture and service system of smooth management, clear responsibilities, good coordination and high efficiency.

      CBH will spare no effort to build up a learning and innovation-oriented team, to provide customers the optimum products and solutions and realize the more effective, more optimized and cleaner environment. CBH will constantly improve the production process and enhance business values for customers; and provide better services to help customers make better use of capital, improve production efficiency and capital utilization, save energy, reduce emission and extend the service time of the system and equipment, so as to lower customers' operation and maintenance cost.

      Address: 4/F,International Climate Building,No.55, Lincuixili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
      Tel.: (86)10-56313968
      Fax: (86)10-56313939
      Postal code: 100101


      Spare Parts:010-56313990

      After-sale :010-56313970

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