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      Clyde Bergemann Glasgow won the order of the boiler efficiency equipment amounting to over USD 1 million from a Nigerian refinery

      Editor: 2018-02-04

      CBH achieved another great success and partially realized its global operation strategy by winning the order of more than 200 retractable soot blowers. These products, with a total value above USD 1 million, had been produced in Glasgow and mounted in the Dangote Refinery in Nigeria. This Refinery now has a unit of 650,000-b/d crude distillation equipment and will add another unit of polypropylene equipment with a capacity of 3.6 million tons/year. As the heater supplier of the equipment, JNK Heater Co., Ltd. (South Korea) signed a contract with CBS and recognized CBS's professional knowledge about the petrochemical industry. In 2013, Clyde Bergemann India won the project management consulting, engineering, procurement and construction management contract through tender. The orders were issued in June

      The scope of supply covers the design and manufacture of 231 soot blowers with efficient-cleaning nozzles, which realize the best cleaning performance with the least medium. These products have been certified to be applicable to hazardous gas environment. Relevant work will be launched since the date of order delivery in the first half of 2018. General Manager Michael Peoples stated that "This contract was concluded based on our excellent work as well as the close cooperation among our sales and technical team in Glasgow, the sales colleagues of CBEU and our Korean agency KPNI. We look forward to the competitive countermeasures against our business and goal, which will help us deliver products on time within the budget."

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      Spare Parts:010-56313990

      After-sale :010-56313970

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